• KSB Pumps has given us financial support for the following projects in the year 2014-15: 1. Snehalaya English medium school : 1. School/office furniture 2. Benches for the students 3. Play ground development etc. worth Rs. 10 Lakhs 2. Rehab. Center : full sponsorship for 40 beneficiaries of Snehalaya worth Rs. 14.40 Lakhs 3. Anam Prem : Brail Printer worth Rs. 5.5 Lakh Year 2015-16 4. Snehankur Adoption Center : Incubators - 4 no.s worth Rs. 2 Lakhs 5. Rehab. Center : full sponsorship for 40 beneficiaries of Snehalaya worth Rs. 14.40 Lakhs 6. Snehdeep Rugna seva Kendra : Ventilator - 1 worth Rs. 5 Lakhs  

  • Assam Girl Rescued From Pune. A 17 years minor girl trafficked from Dhumbri village, Baksa dist. in Assam was rescued from Pune by Ahmednagar Childline and Snehalaya on 1st April,2015. A girl was moved to Delhi with her 21 yrs. old elder brother of in search of bread and butter. They both were staying in Noida with the help of distant relatives. Hilarus, a brother got a job in Automobile shop and moved to Ahmednagar in November 2014. Relatives informed that a girl was absconded from 1 st Jan. 2015. The brother was searching her in Assam and Delhi region. Last week, Hilarus received a call by her sister. She told that she was locked in one home where she has to do all the house work. The number of Mr. Tejpreet Singh from Pune who brought her to Pune from Delhi. Hilarus shared his story to Mr. Satnam singh, his employer who migrated from Delhi to Ahmednagar. Mr. Satnam Singh approached to Ahmednagar Childline & Snehalaya with this complaints. Mr. Amar Madhyan, the volunteer of Snehalaya, Alim Pathan (a team member of Childline) & others went to Pune with Hilarus. Our team called Mr. Tejpreet singh and asked about the girl. But he said that he had given 37,000/- rupees to Sanjeevkumar from Delhi who supplied this minor girl to them. Tejpreet singh clearly told that he will not talk to any other but only Mr. Sanjeevkumar. Then our team has approached to Mrs. Neeta Misal, the P.I. of social security cell of Police department in Pune. A girl was rescued from flat no. 504 , B-1, Roje Parade, Kondhwa, Pune. The legal work is going on. The rescued girl and her brother came to Snehalaya today to express their gratitude. Thanks.  

  • Girish Kulkarni Dear member of Snehalaya family, Good Afternoon. We have postponed the ceremony of inauguration of "Motilalji Firodia Centre For Inspiration " due to the sad demise of father of Mr. Dattatrya Kotkar, founder of neighboring Shree kshtre Dharampuri & our close aid. Earlier, we have send a message to reach at Snehalaya Rehab centre, at 5 pm today. We will convey the next date and time in a week. Excuse us for inconvenience. Thanks with regards, Girish.  

  • Dear member of Snehalaya family, Good Afternoon. Please join us today at 5 pm in Snehalaya Rehab Centre, MIDC for the inauguration of "Motilalji Firodia Centre For Inspiration ". Our offices, PRO, Accounts, Admn., book and souvenirs shoppee will be shifted to this centre today. Thanks with regards, Rohit Pardeshi. 9850128678..  

  • Greetings. We are eagerly waiting for you at welcome ceremony of the children came from Kashmir valley to Snehalaya for education. Today, the ceremony will start at 5 pm in Snehalaya, M.I.D.C., Ahmednagar. 70 students from north east states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur who are studying in Ahmednagar are also joining us. Jodo Bharat... Knit India  

  • Dear member of Snehalaya family. Greetings. The 1st batch of 8 children from Kashmir valley welcomed at Snehalaya today with the slogans of "Jodo Jodo-Bharat Jodo" . Snehalaya offered them admission and quality education without any cost. The children from Sharifabad area of Kashmir have lost their school education. home & their parents lost the employment and the earning due to recent floods.Colonel Dhruv Nasir from Ahmednagar informed Snehalaya about the tragic situations in Kashmir after the floods.  

  • INSPITE OF NUMEROUS SCHEMES IN COUNTRY, THE QUESTIONS ARE STILL SERIOUS Ours is the country with several welfare schemes,still today we can see most of the population is facing the problem of illiteracy,malnutrition,undernourishment & people deprived of their basic rights.Also there are several laws framed for welfare of womens & children but it is seen that the issues are still becoming  

  • Today Mr.Atul Mahadik was given a warm felicitation for his dedicated service to Snehalaya and Anamprem. Dr.Anil Kudiya from Snehalaya family runs "Sarthak",a home for children from red light areas and facing various addications. He was urgently in need of Hands.We have dedicated Atul at a dedicated soldier,Atul left us with heavy heart.  

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Welcome snehalaya

We, the entrepreneurial Team of snehalaya opened in the year 1987 the gates to against the red-Light District.
What would we do if our own Sisters, Mothers or Grandmothers would have to endure this suffering, what these women
have to endure on a daily basis?
We turned the question of how we these women and children can help.
Since then, we have worked hard, dreamed and fought and finally managed to get us in the creation of Snehalaya.
In the year 1989 we have Snehalaya as Ngo in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) in India.
Snehalaya is currently working in all 14 Districts of Ahmednagar and the Neighbouring Districts Nashik, Pune and Solapur
We believe that the basic and the most important principle of social work is voluntary work and support this
We also avoid political, religious or idealistic fundamentalism.
Currently working for Sehalaya 186 Full-time workers, countless volunteers and sponsors. They support so that:
1. 350 children and 48 women in the residential and commercial projects,
2. 1600 children in slum based balbhawans
3. Over 2550 women in prostitution in Ahmednagar District
4. 3000 HIV-positive Patients

Snehalaya is a glimmer of hope for the exploited and neglected social of our society.
The focus is mainly on it, real and positive change.
Our Vision:
The vision of snehalaya it is, the consciousness and the ability in those members of the society that their rights
by inequality and exploitation were robbed.
Since the foundation are snehalaya-helpers from different areas, from all castes and religion.
She inspired to humanitarian projects and have simultaneously from political, religious or ideological fundamentalism.
Even today, is the dedicated Team of volunteers, the backbone of the mission of Snehalaya.
Vision: To develop awareness and capability in those members of the
society who have been deprived of their rights because of the
inequality in the society

Unity is Strength

Most of the non-governmental organisations (Ngos) are anti-social currents with resistance by human traffickers,
politicians, organised criminal gangs, etc. .
In order to work on the other hand, tried Snehalaya in the year 2004 therefore, collaborations with other like-minded Ngos
to initiate and to this end, formed the swayansevi sans thane cha maha sangh.
This cooperation is used together to achieve greater success.
Snehalaya is also one of the founders and active members of the network against commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking (Nacset)
Snehalaya extends its work for the Ngos through the deepening of the following topics:
the remedy Snehalaya sought, in the year 2004 therefore, cooperations with other like-minded Ngos to initiate and to this end,
formed the swayansevi sans thane cha maha sangh

°"the right to food"
°"right to information"
°"right to refuge"


1. Snehalaya was instrumental involved, a end of atrocities in all areas of the red light ahmednagar to reach.
Especially for brothel owners, the police, moneylenders and thugs.
2. Continuous awareness, as well as legal disputes, have the use of minors in the trafficking of human beings extremely reduced.
3. The deer abi Latino-Centre of Snehalaya offers protection.
It's a home with high-quality education and medical care for more than 400 children.

4. Snehalaya has successfully for more than 100 children in good families through legal adoption.
5. Snehalaya's work has the STI-infection of about 60 % to less than 2 % of prostitutes in ahmednagar district.
6. Snehalaya is also for the enlightenment of more than 900 children in slums on the basis of balbhavan here.
7. The Snehalaya-Community-Care-center has the medical treatment and care of more than 6.000 HIV patients made available.
8. Snehalaya has successfully for more than 80 victims rescued, rehabilitated, trafficking in human beings
and offered them a vocational training.
9. The child line-Centrum-Snehalaya manages more than 250 calls per day.
Thats 7day a week and 24 hours a day. More than 400 children were in need of the child line-Team-Snehalaya saved.
10. Snehalaya has other members and snehalaya has other members and institutions of civil society
in solapur, latur, akola and pune inspired similar projects in order to begin.
11. Snehalaya has hope in the large urban slums in the brought, malnutrition, child labour, child marriages of alcohol
or drug addiction and HIV is combated. Rali sh trade from the trafficking of human beings.

Girish Kulkarni.Founder von Snehalaya

Mrs. Ulrike Hilgers.
Globale Representative of Snehalaya

The Rescue and rehabilitation of the victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and their children to rehabilitate and to educate so that the prostitution in the nearest future can be reduced, treatment and rehabilitation of HIV-positive women and children empowerment and education of disadvantaged children and women From the slums rehabilitation single and widowed mothers, as well as of rape victims and their children through the adoption care and support for women and children in need

Our Mission: to save, but also the rehabilitation of victims of commercial sexual exploitation. As well as the support their children so that they can live a life of dignity can lead. The children will be rehabilitated and will be raised in such a way as to that prostitution in the next generation can be further reduced. The treatment and rehabilitation of HIV-positive women as well as the strengthening and education of disadvantaged children and women from the slums. Rehabilitation of single and widowed mothers, as well as help for rape victims and their children. The help is done by care and support, but also through adoption.

A Documentary about the Victims and how to Change ,throught Snehalayas work .

In everybody’s life, there are many occasions when one has an intuition to do something.
Then you should not wait but do it. Often, these intuitions lead you to the right path.
We are progressing at a great speed in our projects because we are always ready to widen the scope of our understanding.
For this, humbleness is the key. We accept change to adapt according to the needs. This is perhaps the DNA of Snehalaya.

__Girish Kulkarni, Founder and Director